New Ebook: Mac Administration Basics

If you’re responsible for the configuration of tens, if not hundreds, of brand-new Macs then you’ll probably know how time consuming it can be to get them all set up. The process of setting up a user account, installing any required software and applying all of the available updates on each and every Mac before handing them to users can be both laborious and horribly inefficient.

Mac Administration Basics brings together six of our previously published guides for easy reference, incredibly useful when wanting to deploy, troubleshoot or configure Macs at home or in the workplace.

Provided in both ePub and PDF format (iBooks Store versions available soon), this book is also available on Amazon Kindle.

Members of The Instructional can download this for free by using their unique coupon code during checkout. 


  1. A Closer Look at System Information
  2. Reset a User Account's Password with an Apple ID
  3. High-Speed Data Transfers with Thunderbolt
  4. Build & Deploy OS X Images with AutoDMG
  5. How to Re-Run the OS X Setup Assistant
  6. Encrypt an External Disk or USB Stick with a Password

The Instructional Ebooks Now Available for Amazon Kindle

You can now purchase any of The Instructional's ebooks on Amazon to read on Kindle-compatible devices (Amazon Kindle e-readers and tablets or any platform the Kindle app is available on). This is in addition to the iBooks Store or DRM-Free ePub & PDF formats from our own Ebook Store, where you'll also find a link to the relevant Amazon and iBooks Store pages. 

Offsite: How to Free up Space on iOS

Bradley Chambers has a bunch of great tips on freeing up some space on your iOS device, especially useful for those of us on 16GB devices who are frequently getting close to their capacity. 

While some of the tips may seem rather obvious (for example, deleting apps), there's a lot of great information about spring cleaning to reclaim storage space that you may not even realise was missing. 

Switching from Sponsorships to Recommendations

Since it's launch at the end of January this year, The Instructional has gone from strength to strength and is now averaging 18,000 visits a month (and rising). The support from the Mac and iOS community has been fantastic and a growing number of regular readers have been generous enough to help support the site by way of a membership of $2 a month.

Weekly sponsorship slots have always been available to further support the site, mimicking the methods of well-known sites such as Daring Fireball and The Loop by offering a weekly fixture in the sidebar, along with a dedicated post to highlight the sponsor's product or service.

Unfortunately, there has yet to be a single sponsor for The Instructional.

This has made it clear to me that, for now at least, sponsorships aren't the way to go. Instead, I'm going to try something a little different and begin a weekly Highly Recommended post that highlights an app, product or service each week in lieu of a sponsorship, using an affiliate or referral link.

In practice and, more importantly, to readers, recommended posts will be no different from what sponsorships would have been. Each week, there will be a recommendation highlighted within the sidebar and a post describing it in more detail.

This allows me the freedom to pick and choose apps and services that I already use and would already recommend, not necessarily what a sponsor wants to promote. It's something I'm looking forward to starting since you get to find out about something awesome and The Instructional gets to keep the lights on.