The Instructional Ebooks

Starting today, you can purchase an ebook of any previously published multi-part guides in its entirety, provided in both DRM-free ePub and PDF format, for just $1.99.

Why Purchase an Ebook?

Each ebook contains every part to a guide's series, brought together in a single place for your convenience.

Think of the ebook as your own permanent copy of a guide. It's yours to keep forever, always available without an internet connection and can be read on most ebook readers, tablets and mobile devices.

While there may not be any additional content or exclusive material, each ebook has been specially formatted for optimal reading and, in the case of the ePub version, include a full Table of Contents. This can be much easier than reading within a browser or a Read Later service.

Finally, purchasing an ebook is also another way of supporting the site. At just 99¢ each, they're great to keep stored on your preferred reading device and will contribute to the continued success of The Instructional.

Free for Members

Reader support for The Instructional has been fantastic and I'm thrilled so many of you have been generous enough to take up a membership subscription of $2 per month to help keep the lights on.

As a bonus to members who have decided to help support the site, as well as tempt new ones, you'll be able to download every ebook published on The Instructional for free.

Each member will receive a special coupon code that can be used during checkout to discount the order down to zero, and can be used as often as needed.

This coupon code is unique to each member and no two codes are alike. In the words of Gandalf the Grey: Keep it secret, keep it safe.

How to Purchase

Just click on the Ebooks link at the top of the page to access the ebook store. As new ebooks are added, each guide will contain a link at the end to the respective listing.


For those who would prefer to use the iBookstore, I've submitted the first two ebooks and they are currently awaiting approval. Once they have been approved, links to their listings will be provided in the ebook store.

I hope many of you will consider trying out an ebook or even becoming a member, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback about them.