Restore the Power Key's Pre-Mavericks Behaviour

The release of Mavericks brought about many changes, though one that has been unwelcome to some was the altering of the Power key's default behaviour. Prior to this version of OS X, pressing the Power key would bring up a dialog box asking you to select whether you'd like to Restart, Sleep or Shut Down the Mac.

Now that pressing the key puts the Mac to sleep, it's become a hard habit to break for those that have used the Mac platform for many years. Fortunately, Mac|Life explain how to change this behaviour back using a simple command in Terminal. 

Offsite: Caffeinate Your Terminal

If you need a way of preventing your Mac from going to sleep whilst it performs a specific task or utility, Brett Terpstra explains how to use the Mac OS X command caffeinate to do just this.

Many apps don't offer a built-in option to prevent the Mac from going to sleep so if you're often changing your Mac's Energy Saver preferences, it's a great tip to know.