New Ebook: Mac Administration Basics

If you’re responsible for the configuration of tens, if not hundreds, of brand-new Macs then you’ll probably know how time consuming it can be to get them all set up. The process of setting up a user account, installing any required software and applying all of the available updates on each and every Mac before handing them to users can be both laborious and horribly inefficient.

Mac Administration Basics brings together six of our previously published guides for easy reference, incredibly useful when wanting to deploy, troubleshoot or configure Macs at home or in the workplace.

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  1. A Closer Look at System Information
  2. Reset a User Account's Password with an Apple ID
  3. High-Speed Data Transfers with Thunderbolt
  4. Build & Deploy OS X Images with AutoDMG
  5. How to Re-Run the OS X Setup Assistant
  6. Encrypt an External Disk or USB Stick with a Password

"Back up Your Mac With Time Machine" Is Now Free on the iBooks Store

If you're a Mac user wanting to know how to protect your Mac, my ebook Back Up Your Mac With Time Machine, it's now free on the iBooks Store for a limited time.

Backing Up Your Mac With Time Machine breaks down each feature of Time Machine, the built-in backup utility of Mac OS X, from setting it up with an external hard drive or Time Capsule to restoring files and even your Mac.

You’ll find easy to follow instructions and screenshots as well as over an hour of specially recorded screencasts and interactive elements to aid you even further.

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For a limited time only, you can purchase my latest ebook The iOS Compendium, Volume 1 on the iBooks Store for only 99¢.

The iOS Compendium, Volume 1 is an interactive iBook containing over 40 of the best tips and tricks that iOS has to offer, each with specially recorded narrated screencasts for you to watch, totalling over an hour of video.

Whether you’re a first-time iPad owner or have been using an iPhone since it was first released, any iOS user will find this book indispensable.

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